What is Mobile Check Deposit?

“Mobile Check Deposit” is an application that allows you to take pictures of checks with your smartphone or tablet and deposit the funds into your bank accounts. If your bank offers mobile check deposit, you can avoid visiting a branch to deposit checks.

Mobile Banking vs. Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile banking application features allow users to perform different banking tasks, such as checking account balances, viewing recent transactions, transferring funds, paying bills, receiving alerts, and locating ATMs. Many institutions are now adding mobile check deposit to their mobile banking offering. So when you’re shopping for a bank that offers mobile banking, you should check to make sure it includes mobile check deposit. Banks will usually list which features are included with specific smartphone and tablet applications.

How it works

Mobile Check Deposit allows you to deposit checks into your bank account by taking a picture of the front and back of an endorsed check with a compatible smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Check Deposit fees

Most banks do not charge a fee for mobile check deposit. It’s usually included with the institution’s mobile banking application — which is usually free to download. Though not common, some banks do charge a per check deposit fee. This fee is typically very small. But as banks look to increase their fee revenue, per check deposit fees may become more common. It’s always wise to consult with your institution before using any new service.

Mobile Check Deposit limits

In some cases, banks pose limits on the check amount or number of checks you can deposit. Some limits are set per check, per day and per month. Banks may also restrict the type of check being deposited. Be sure to check with your bank before making any deposits.

Mobile Check Deposit requirements

Many banks require you to enroll in online banking before you are able to download their applications. In addition, institutions might also require you be a customer for a certain period of time before allowing you to deposit checks remotely. Mobile check deposit is generally only available for smartphones and tablets with current software. Banks will usually publish which versions of software the application is compatible with.

Mobile Check Deposit app platforms

Institutions offer mobile check deposit for a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Phone apps

iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones are the most common smartphones that host this feature in their applications. If your bank does offer mobile check deposit and it’s included in their their mobile banking application, it can be downloaded through the Apple’s App Store, Google Play, BlackBerry App World, or Windows Phone application store.

Some banks have designated standalone mobile check deposit applications created exclusively for mobile check depositing – the application is only for depositing checks, not checking balances, transferring money between accounts, etc. These applications can also be downloaded through various app stores.

Tablet apps

Similar to smartphones, mobile applications are becoming tablet-friendly. Tablet users are able to download applications to their iPad and Android tablets that are identical to the smartphone applications, but are designed for the resolution of a tablet. These applications can also be obtained by Apple’s App Store or Google Play.