Top 3 Reasons to Bank With Capital One

Capital One is one of the most recognizable banking names in the United States. It is also one of the top choices when it comes to checking account services. With its easy to use app and Capital One Cafe locations, Capital One continues to innovate the way banking is done. Here’s a look at three reasons why you may want to consider banking with Capital One.

1). Top online services
If you are looking to do most of your banking online, then Capital One should be near the top of your list. That’s because Capital One offers one of the top customer support response times in the industry. This is thanks to the Capital One 360 virtual assist which is available one the bank’s online site and app. You also have access to customer service via the banks toll free number.

You can get customer support via the online app, text and even Twitter. Capital One’s online customer service is also available 24 hours a day which makes their services better than many of its competitors. Finally, the Capital One app is easy to use and consistently updated to provide you with a fast baking experience.

2). No monthly fees
Fees can be one of the biggest issues when it comes to banking. With Capital One, there are no monthly fees on many of these checking accounts. This makes Capital One an ideal choice for those who are opening their first bank account or for customers who usually carry low balances.

Also, there are no monthly minimum balances required on Capital One 360 checking accounts. Overall, Capital One’s checking accounts are among the best for first time bank customers.

3). Big network of no fee ATMs
When it comes to fee free ATMs, Capital One gives customers one of the best networks in the banking industry. Capital One customers have access to 40,000 free fee ATMs through the All Points network. These ATMs are usually found at certain CVS, Walgreen and Target locations. If you use an ATM at least one a week, you could potentially save over $20 in ATM fees alone by using Allpoint ATMs with a Capital One checking card.

If you are likely to use ATMs often, then Capital One’s fee free ATM network is likely to save you a significant amount of money. If you would like to see if there is an Allpoint ATM near you, then you can check out this Allpoint ATM locator.

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